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Jeff Edmondson

Jeff Edmondson
Jeff Edmondson
Managing Director
Strive Together at KnowledgeWorks, Cincinnati Area

Jeff Edmondson is managing director of StriveTogether, a national cradle-to-career initiative that brings together leaders in Pre-K-12 schools, higher education, business and industry, community organizations, government leaders, parents and other stakeholders who are committed to helping children succeed from birth through careers. Edmondson was founding executive director of the Strive Partnership in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky aimed at increasing educational aspirations, achievement, and attainment of students throughout the region. He also served as the foundation officer for KnowledgeWorks Foundation. Edmondson served as a program assistant at the 21st Century School Fund where he conducted research, published papers, and wrote legislation on local and national policy issues related to school facilities.  

He also worked as the Peaceable Schools Coordinator at Woodrow Wilson Senior High School, the largest public secondary school in Washington, D.C., where he was an advocate for teachers and students in the school, built partnerships between the school and organizations and businesses in the community to improve student outcomes, and trained students and staff in mediation and other alternative conflict resolution techniques. Edmondson has a Bachelor of Science in biology from University of Richmond and a master's in Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University. He served as a volunteer and supervisor for three years in Peace Corps Gabon, Africa. Currently, Edmondson has been selected as a fellow to the Ashoka –Innovators for the Public, and completed his Annie E. Casey Family and Children Fellowship. He was recently named the recipient of the American Express NGen Leadership Award.

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