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Hon. Michael B. Hancock

Hon. Michael B. Hancock
City of Denver

Michael Hancock became Denver’s 45th mayor in July 2011 and immediately began to transform Denver into a globally competitive and connected city. The Mayor has developed strategic short- and long-term business plans to support and grow Denver’s diverse, intelligent and forward-leaning businesses in emerging industries such as clean energy, bio-technology, telecommunications, aerospace and healthcare. Through this work, Denver’s economy is at the forefront of American cities, offering among the strongest job and housing markets in the U.S. The Mayor also believes there is nothing more important than helping every young person in every neighborhood compete and succeed in the 21st Century economy.

He is aligning all City departments with non-profits, businesses and educational organizations to better prepare all children for every stage of life. Mayor Hancock has also brought meaningful reform to the Denver Police Department by establishing new leadership that has reorganized the department to get highly trained officers out of the office and back onto the streets. These steps together strengthen Denver’s unparalleled quality of life.

Prior to becoming Mayor, Michael Hancock served on the Denver City Council for eight years, including two as City Council President. In his early career, he worked for the
Denver Housing Authority and National Civic League, and was the youngest President of an Urban League chapter in America. Hancock earned his Political Science degree from Hastings College, Nebraska, before returning to Denver and the University of Colorado for his MA in Public Administration.

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